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I’m Gretchen Dauzat.

I’m an expert Content Manager, a total nerd when it comes to helping my clients strategize, create, leverage, and manage their content!

My obsession is helping well established entrepreneurs get off the hamster wheel of content creation by leveraging their new & exisiting content in using it across all social media platforms and email. All the while creating a more cohesive brand as well!



"I've been running my business for a while - wearing all the hats - doing all the things. I had heard, repeatedly, from coaches and mentors that I needed to 'repurpose my content' more. That I was working too hard, and not leveraging my efforts enough. Sure... that sounds smart, I thought. But I never really delivered on the idea. I didn't truly grasp the power of repurposing. And then Gretchen came along and showed me what was possible. She took a super short FB Live that I created off the cuff and repurposed it into a lead generating blog post, newsletter, and several social media shares. WHAT THE WHAT?!?! I didn't even realize this was possible! I thought 'repurposing content' would sound like the same, boring, robotic story again and again - and who wants to bore their audience? But Gretchen has a masterful way of taking the same idea and presenting it with unique twists and turns so that - even though it started as a super short FB Live - it ended up as a full blown campaign! I am forever a convert. Gretchen provided amazing content in MY voice, representing MY brand in a way I didn't think was possible. Do yourself a favor: don't overthink it - just let Gretchen wow you with her repurposing super powers. You can thank me later." 

Charlena Smith

"Gretchen was stellar throughout the entire process. She took the lead without any prompting or managing on my end which is exactly what I need from someone providing me content. Being able to jump on a live and know I have written content to provide my followers gives them so much value and gives me so much relief as a business owner. Game changer!""

Jamie Russell

Content Management Services

As a Content Manager I also support my clients with: - Content Strategy - Facebook Community Management - Blog Management - Social Media Management - Launch Content Creation  

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